Books for sale about Wroughton History

All books can be ordered from Fiona Meredith  01793 845581 – email , or Danny Hicks 01793 812620.

There is free delivery in Wroughton. Post and packing is extra if you are outside Wroughton.

Cheques payable to – Wroughton History Group.


A few years ago the group compiled two DVDs entitled “RAF Wroughton”  and “Wroughton at work” and These have now been  produced as a book.  The first part of the book covers the RAF aerodrome and hospital, from the compulsory purchase of the land to their closures. The second part of the book covers the working life of the village going back over a century to the present day. The cost of the book is £10

BOOK 11 – From the Church to the Motorway” and “Beyond the High Street published in October 2017

A few years ago the group compiled two DVDs entitled “From the Church to the Motorway” and “Beyond the High Street”.  Both created  lot of interest and have now been produced as a book that explores the village going back more than 100 years. It covers many aspects of village life during that time including tragedies, shops, trades, lost buildings, visits of royalty, and the many changes that have taken place over the years. The cost of the book is £10.

Book 10 – Reflections of Wroughton during the two world wars .  The book sells at £10 a copy

There are now 12 books in total that have been published by Wroughton History Group. Details are of the first 9 are below:
Book 1  Wroughton History Part 1 – introduction, geology, settlement, the Church, education, Health & Poor Law, buildings, road names, agriculture, a farmer’s memories, the airfield, the racing stables, old photos – cost £6

Book 2 Wroughton History Part 2   – battles, mills, waterworks, the Great Fire 1896, pubs, sport, shops & trades, scouts, charities, memory lane,Book 2 maps –cost £6.50

Book 3 Wroughton History Part 3 – Wroughton Remembered – a pictorial record of Victorian and Edwardian times – cost £6.50

Book 4 Wroughton History Part 4 – reflections on the ‘Rising Sun’, enclosures & tithing, brickmaking, blacksmiths, Salthrop & Bassett Down, civilian services in 1939-45 war, Wroughton Manor House, people and places, guiding, Wilts & Berks canal – Cost £6.50 

                                 Book 4
Book 5 Wroughton History – Between the wars – landmarks, peace & war memorials, churches & chapels, council matters, memories of the 20s & 30s, Wroughton Nursing Association and Medical Aid, friendly societies, Women’s Institutes, Brown Jack, war once more – cost £7

Book 6 Wroughton Through the mists of time – hunter-gatherers, early farmers, the Beaker people, the Bronze Age, round barrows, the Iron Age, N Wilts & surrounds in Romano-British times, the end of the Roman rule to the Norman Conquest, deserted settlements – cost £8

Book 7 Wroughton through to the 60s – peace, WW2 service personnel, schools in wartime, Wroughton Aerodrome No 15 Maintenance Unit, happy memories, the Unit upon the Hill, No 76 Maintenance Unit, Wroughton Hangers, local dance bands, RAF General Hospital, wartime spit and polish, war time memories, Burderop; the medical and scholarship connection, the expansion, N Wroughton factory (Marine Mountings), memories of N Wroughton, group photos – cost £8.50 

Book 8 Wroughton in pictures 1945-2012 – occasions, unearthing the past, buildings, Marine Mountings / Listers, organisations, sport, places of worship, schools/pre-schools, Princess Alexandra RAF Hospital, aerodrome, people, pubs & working men’s clubs, in uniform, bygone businesses, odds & ends – cost £10.50

Book 8
Book 9 Stories from Wroughton    A collection of stories about local people, trades, buildings, racing, personal memories and events from the late 19th and 20th century – cost £9.50

Book 9