Welcome to Wroughton History Group

Welcome to the Wroughton History Group website

We have restarted our meetings

Meetings are held at 7.30 at St Joseph’s Church Hall Devizes Road Wroughton, (see the programme page for details). Numbers are restricted so anyone wanting to attend must let our programme secretary know in advance (Fiona Meredith-email meredithfiona@btinternet.com or call 01793 845581). Masks must be worn and attendees should arrive between 7 and 7.30pm.

Open evenings are for everyone to get together over tea/coffee and chat about events – members often bring items of interest, such as old photographs, for a group discussion. The next open meeting is on 11th November – please let Fiona know if you would like to attend. Meetings are free at the moment! Usually non-members would be charged £2 but all fees have been suspended until next year.


A special general meeting was held on 14th October, and members were elected to a new committee  – details can be found on the contacts page. A new Chair was chosen – thanks to Tony Edmonds for volunteering. He will serve as Chair until April when the next AGM should be held. David Butler has served as Chair throughout the difficult last couple of years, and did a great job of keeping the group going despite the lockdowns (assisted by Fiona).

2021 Carnival

Despite the restrictions not being fully lifted as expected, the Wroughton Carnival 2021 took place albeit without the parade. The History Group decided to support the event by entering the fancy dress as Wroughton trades through the ages.

All the characters were based on real Wroughton figures.

The group were a creditable second in the group competition

The miller, maid, undertaker, butcher, baker, nurse and wheelwright

The rain held off and a good time was had by all.

The Group also had a stand selling the WHG books (details of all the books can be found on this site) – and much more importantly,  we were able to catch up with other members we had not seen for several months.

Wroughton History time capsule 

We are all living through a time that will be studied in history! Wroughton History Group would like to record what our village is going through and that means you, recording your story and we will put it in a time capsule to be opened in generations to come. You can write anonymously or put your name, but we would like your age group.

This is open to all and we would like to encourage the young, teenagers and not so young to contribute. The only criteria is that you must either live or work in Wroughton. Stories, photographs and drawings most welcome. Please email  meredithfiona@btinternet.com. Please support us to tell your story in lockdown and record our village life otherwise our stories will be forgotten by later generations.


The history group have produced a walk booklet that features many of buildings mentioned on the site (including racing stables, mills, manor houses and ‘lost’ pubs).  The walk is a booklet that can be downloaded and printed: Wroughton Village Walk

Romans in Wroughton

Roman remains have been found on the airfield. Cotswold Archaeology have been examining the site of the new Science Museum storage facility.

A Romano British cemetery was discovered containing 20 graves. As the burials were of varying ages, they are likely to be from the local settlement. Two brooches found suggest the site dates to the 2nd century AD. Also found were lime kilns that produced the mortar used in Roman buildings and loom weights used in making cloth. The group celebrated the discovery as part of the 2019 carnival

The group celebrated the discovery of Romans in Wroughton at the 2019 carnival
The group celebrated the discovery of Romans in Wroughton at the 2019 carnival

Books and activities

Details of all our books can be found on our books for sale page.

Members of the history group enjoy the reservoir
Members of the history group enjoy the reservoir

Today we continue our research into old local newspapers and have been transcribing the census returns, trade directories, and records of births, deaths and marriages for the village so that these details will be easily available for future research.

Although we are very serious about our research but we do have a lot of fun too. We never fail to have a laugh at our meetings and we very much enjoy our annual outing and trips to local villages and places of interest in the summer, not to mention our pleasure in taking members of other history groups round the older parts of Wroughton.

Our simple constitution can be viewed here