Wroughton History Group Constitution

  1. The Name of the Group

The Group shall be known as the Wroughton History Group (WHG).

  1. The Object of the WHG

The object of the WHG shall be the study, discussion and dissemination of knowledge of matters relating to history, and especially the history of Wroughton village, and surrounding areas

  1. The Committee

The affairs of the WHG shall be managed by a Committee consisting of

a Chair Person,


Programme Secretary,

and at least three other Members of the WHG.

to be elected for a term of two years by a majority at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).

The Committee Members elected at the AGM shall hold office for two years and be eligible for re-election.

The Committee shall have the power to fill any casual vacancies that may occur in its membership during the course of the year by cooption from the membership. Five Members of the Committee shall be required to form a quorum for Committee meetings.

Any decision by the Committee shall be:

  • final and un-appealable;
  • made at Committee meetings;
  • made by a majority of those present at Committee meetings.
  1. Membership

Membership is available to any individual.

  1. Subscriptions

The annual subscriptions to the WHG shall be fixed by the Committee and approved by a majority at the AGM and shall be payable by Members.

  1. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held:

  • to receive the Chair Person’s report and the statement of account from the Treasurer;
  • to elect Committee Members;
  • to transact such other business as shall have been notified in advance by the Committee.

The minimum written notice to Members of the Annual General Meeting shall be fourteen days.

Members who paid their annual subscription for the expiring or the current year, shall be entitled to receive notice of the Annual General Meeting as well as vote.

Fifteen Members of the WHG shall be required to form a quorum for the AGM.

  1. Special General Meetings

A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be requested in writing by not fewer than ten Members. The period of notice to Members shall be fourteen days.

  1. Constitutional Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution may be made at the Annual General Meeting, subject to a majority of those present.

  1. Cessation

If, following an approved resolution at an AGM or SGM, it is agreed that the WHG be wound up, all net cash balances shall be donated to the Wroughton Parish Council with a proviso that the money be used for local history or to fund a new group. If such meeting cannot be held or is inquorate, residual funds shall be so donated as approved by the Committee.

Should the group cease the Swindon Central library (Local Studies) will be given the group’s archives consisting of maps, photographs and other material to keep locally for future reference or to be handed to a new group.


  1. WHG funds are held in a bank account.
  2. Payments of up to £100 must be agreed by the Chair or any Committee member before being passed to the Treasurer for payment. Payments above £100 must be agreed by the majority of the Committee members before being passed to the Treasurer for payment Acceptance may be recorded in meeting minutes, or by email if it is between meetings
  3. The Committee will review the finances at least once a quarter to track expenditure against budget.


The Constitution will be reviewed as a minimum every five years.